Saturday, March 8, 2014

10 Favorite Kdrama/ Korean Websites

It will soon be a year since we started watching kdramas. What a lot has changed! We've watched 37 dramas ( that's 37 mini-series, not 37 episodes), found out about famous dramas as well as famous actors, discovered flower boys and kdrama blogs, learned about Korean culture and food, and even cooked some ourselves. 
The 10 best blogs and websites I found: is the biggest of the kdrama websites. They do reviews and recaps of dramas, rate them to help you choose what to watch next, and have news of actors and upcoming dramas. They have several good articles about Korean terms in the glossary, found under Top Posts. Check out oppa, noona, and a discussion on formality levels in speech. One humerous feature is Thing vs. Thing, where they send up similar dramas, such as those about vampires or time-travel. are reviews, a list of dramas recommended for beginners, and even a cute series of Fashion Face-offs, where they compare clothing or hair-styles of actors from different dramas and invite readers to vote on the favorite. Their sense of humor shows itself again in their set of posters lampooning drama cliches, found here: general blog with reviews, recaps, and news. It usually recaps different dramas than Dramabeans does. blog is a fish of a different color. It features laws formalizing kdrama tropes such as: The Second Lead Act, The Reluctant Heir Law, and The Good Parent Ban. It needs a good index, but it is a kick to read. you can find reviews as well as rambles on dramaland. They have categorized their favorite dramas to help you choose your next one. The cutest part is the Field Guide section; a "scientific" study of Kdrama Kisses, Couples, and Makeovers, complete with Latin terminology. Common Room is not really a kdrama blog, but it has a lot of drama content. It is by a mother of teenagers who filters the shows that she wants her kids to watch. The page with all the drama reviews is here:
She has a lot to say about dramas and Korean culture. Read her article on Things to Know When Watching a Korean Drama: Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to More Things to Know, and You might Be Watching a Kdrama If.
http://belectricground.comThis is a very interesting drama-and-culture blog. It has an extensive K-language and Culture Series, with articles about Korean names, honorifics, loanwords, and titles - including family titles like uncle and aunt. Everything is illustrated with examples from dramas. If you watched the drama you can exclaim, "Ah, so that's it!" you watch very many dramas you begin to notice the food. Maangchi is the on-line name of a spunky Korean woman who lives in New York and blogs about Korean food. She has cooking videos, recipes, a beginner's guide, and information about ingredients and equipment. Her bulgogi recipe, complete with a vegetarian version, is here: Australian woman who married a Korean man looked online for help in dealing with cultural differences. Most of what she found was negative. Having a background in art, she decided to blog about her very positive experiences with Koreans and Korean culture, and illustrate her blog with cartoons. Gently humorous  cartoons. She eventually pulled her husband in to help her and they began making videos for the blog also. Two years later, they have moved from Australia to Korea and are continuing to blog and meet up with other bloggers. course you need a place to watch all your Korean dramas. Free of commercials is best, which you can get from Dramafever if you pay a small fee.  It's probably the biggest place in the US. We have watched kdramas also on Netflix, Viki, and Dramafire. You can google and find more places, some for free with commercials. 
So there you are. Ten great sites to explore. I didn't originally start with the idea of deciding on ten favorites.  I wrote the article, noticed I had nine sites, and decided to throw in one more to make ten. I thought of Dramafever, since that is where I usually go to watch. Go ahead and try them out. You might find yourself reading as much as watching.