Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nine Time Travels: Timelines Untangled

Nine Time Travels is a fascinating story and also rather confusing, some of it intentional. There are several ways you could designate different timelines, but except for the prologue and epilogue, which are problematic, I have come up with 6 present timelines and 7 past ones. You could argue for a new timeline being created for every time travel with the incense sticks, but that isn't by itself what causes the changes. It is when someone makes a decision that will change things from the original timeline, that we get a new one. The present timelines are easy to distinguish by the smoke that dissolves something that is being changed - you could call them smoke changes. The past timelines are identified by the incident that causes the smoke changes.

Abbreviations-- SW: Sun-woo          YJ: Yoo-jin                  TT: Timetravel
                          JW: Jung-woo         BF: Boyfriend              E: Episode
                          MY: Min-young       EM: Evil Minion

The events that cause the time changes are underlined.

Past1: the original past- JW and YJ break up, Dad dies, Choi takes the hospital, mom alone on Christmas, YJ goes to Am and marries, JW aimless   E1-Present1: the original present. SW and JW meet at cafe, SW flippant to MY, JW dies in Nepal, SW goes to get his effects, accuses Choi of graft
  1: snowy waste SW thinks it's a dream
E2- Past2: intruder, pager stolen; JW breaks aquarium, SW gets cut and pager 2: own room, sees past family SW has a cut and the pager from his high school study hall
E3- SW and Han talk about missing pager, Dad disapproves of YJ 3: in green room talks to self on phone SW thinks it is a hallucination, but reads notebook and learns of incense
Intruder at Maruna Lodge (SW) takes record and incense 4: retrieve incense sticks SW decides he might live, marries, MY writes on record cover
E4- Choi sees SW, JW is unhappy and drunk over breaking up with YJ 5: reconnoiter the hospital SW decides to make JW happy
Han, SW confused about card 6: takes Christmas card Han is convinced about incense and runs through halls
SW takes YJ to hospital, gives phone number to MY 7: goes to see YJ SW wants JW  and YJ to get back together
SW takes Mom to get new glasses, CCTV pix taken at optic shop.
Past3: MY makes call to JW; JW decides to marry YJ
8: takes Mom a Christmas necklace Care center calls SW, he remembers Mom had been alone for Christmas. Present2: MY disappears from cafe
E5- JW has been in America and become doctor   JW is head surgeon at hospital, Han and SW get new memories, MY has BF
E6- SW plans train trip, Choi tries to get Dad to invest in his research 9: visits teen self, takes minicams JW is depressed and taking drugs, Choi claims he didn't kill Dad.
E7- Past4: SW asks younger self for help, they fight, SW drops pills, plants camcorders in office; Dad visits home and dies later than originally   Present3: news article about the fire and the date on Dad's urn are changed
SW sees Dad dead on floor, Mom and Choi see him, SW chases JW and disappears 10: goes back to hospital  
E8- SW sees Mom-Dad-JW fight on tape; EM sets fire, SW leaves incense 11: retrieves tapes SW beats up JW at restaurant, gives Choi the USB, collapses at home
E9- At funeral Mom tells Choi about witness; young SW has burns and is in hospital; Past5: young Han finds cancer pills, decides on early checks   MY and JW meet BF's family, SW gets two surgeries and dies; Present4: SW alive because of early cancer treatments
E10- Young SW in hospital with burns; writes messages on guitar and railings   SW becomes main anchor, BF finds the record, MY remembers writing on it and kisses SW.
E11- EM brings the CCTV picture to Choi, he remembers same guy at hospital   Choi has court hearings, gets new memory of that picture; MY and SW meet at playground
E12- Incense is delivered to young SW, Choi shows pix to JW   MY is sick, SW finds incense, Han explains to MY, SW explains to JW
E13- Adult SW talks to young JW, EM stabs adult SW, JW goes to police 12: to talk JW into confessing SW is taken to hospital; Choi finds CCTV pix in storage
E14- Choi bribes police, destroys the tape, and threatens JW   BF slugs SW; SW and MY quit their jobs
E15-   JW OD's, EM is arrested, Choi visits JW in ICU
E16- Past6: housekeeper gives incense to cop, Choi calls EM, EM attacks young SW 13: Choi uses last incense in hospital Present5: incense disappears from Han; JW's funeral; Choi in court, gets incense from storage; SW swipes it
E17- Teen and adult SW fight EM; Past7 young SW gives Reporter Oh another tape, 14: SW rescues young self Present6: Choi's aides and car disappear, JW's funeral disappears, MY appears in wedding dress
E18- JW leaves wedding and confesses; Choi rams phone booth; JW and Choi sentenced   MY at wedding, Choi in shop, JW at China clinic, SW stuck in phone booth; Scene from Past7: SW meets parents
E19- SW in crumpled phone booth sees young MY; he dies. Present6 again: Han hears phone messages from SW; JW comes to Korea, visits Choi; Choi dies in crash
E20- YJ and MY go to America, JW goes to jail, Reporter Oh helps SW   From Past7: SW becomes reporter, meets MY at work; SW and JW meet at cafe, MY, JW, and SW all go to Nepal.