The Amazing Adventures of PonytailGirl, Chapter 5: The Prophecy

The Prophecy

The following is the inscription found upon the Fire Dragon statue discovered by Torbin the Wicked and retrieved from a collapsing portal by Tim the Enchanter. Translated by Water Dragon Master Rudna.

Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
Elements of yore;
The dragon shines upon the mount
Where none can find the door.
In Thessaly, Arcadia, and Euboea
And Skyros
The pure of mind alone will see
Since they were hid from Cyrus.

Metal, Plant, and Lightning, Cold,
The free of guile may know.
To Cyprus old and Mysia and Lesvos
Four shall go.
In Lycia, the fallen shrine
Is last to gather in,
And shall the dragons power give
To light the orb within.

Zector, Kimzar, Slameg tall
The strong of heart may call.
And Thornbark, Kessi, Freecha, will
Come quickest of them all.
But Razzak, mighty Razzak,
Only clear of eye can reach,
He can be gained by love unfeigned,
The Four shall him beseech.

Copyright by Barbara Whipple. May not be reprinted without permission.