The Amazing Adventures of PonytailGirl, Chapter 1: The Island

When PonytailGirl7 woke up on Saturday morning she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, but she didn't get up right away. She kicked her blankets and wiggled sideways in bed and wondered how her head could tell it was lying down instead of being up straight. Just to feel the difference, she hung her head down over the side of the bed. Her room looked different somehow. Lighter? Bigger? She kicked her feet in the air and rested them on the wall.

“Why can't I walk on the wall like a spider?” She thought. She stretched her feet up towards the ceiling. “Too far. Well, I for sure can't walk on the ceiling.” Wiggling her legs and trying to reach the ceiling, she was surprised to find her feet actually touching something. She pulled them back and tried again. They touched. She tried a step. She had taken three steps before she realized that she was walking on the ceiling with her head still hanging down.

“Mom? Mom!” she called. No answer. She went across the room to the door, accidentally kicking the light fixture, and peered down the hall. “Mom?” The house seemed empty. Starting to get anxious, PonytailGirl stepped over the door frame and ran down the hall. The kitchen cabinets were hanging from the ceiling. No, they were on the floor and she was on the ceiling. Finding it odd to have to stretch up to reach the doorknob, she opened the front door and climbed out onto the underside of the porch roof.

Something large and gray was blocking her view of the yard. PonytailGirl looked back into the house. She looked out at the grass and trees. The tops of the trees were blocked by a huge round lumpy stone thing – like an upside-down mountain hanging in the air. She tried to jump off the porch roof onto the grass and felt herself falling up, onto the gray stone thing. “Eek!” She landed with a thump and a scramble, skinning her knee a little and thinking that pajamas and bare feet were not a good outfit for exploring.

At first she tried to climb down (or was it up?) to the peak of the mountain, to get back to the ground, but it was too steep and she kept sliding off. So she slid and jumped her way up (or was it down?) to the base of the mountain. “Down” seemed to be the center of the gray stone, and walking got easier as she got closer to the base. She had no trouble walking around the edge and up onto the base of the mountain (“Rather like a spider on the wall,” she thought), and found herself gazing across a round wide grassy plain dotted by hills and trees, and surrounded by gray stone cliffs. Off to the right there was a plume of smoke rising from the other side of a clump of trees. Not far from the part of the cliff where she stood were two huge standing stones, and on top of the closer one was a large green dragon.