Down the Rabbit Hole

 Chapter 1 - Down the Rabbit Hole
(Secret Love Affair - Alice in Wonderland Parody) 

Seon-jae was beginning to get very tired of sitting by his brother @docster6 on the bank and having nothing to do. Twice he had peeped into the book his brother was reading but it was a math book with no pictures or conversations in it. “And what is the use of a book,” thought Seon-jae,” without pictures or conversations?” He was dreamily thinking about going to pick up the March Hair from work when a terrible thought struck him. Surely the broken necklace she had been wearing around was not a ploy for him to get her another one? As he suddenly sat up, revolted, he saw a white @luvhollanlop rabbit run close by him, take a bow tie out of its waistcoat pocket, look at it, and pop down a large rabbit hole under the hedge. In another moment, down went Seon-jae after it, never considering how he was to get out again.

The rabbit-hole went down for quite a ways before leveling off into a long hall lined with doors and posters of famous musicians: @dualnon conducting an orchestra, @cicilia with a baton, @seungshini playing the piano. A soft tinkling sound led him down a side passage until he came upon a low black curtain. Peering around it he beheld a beautiful, sleek, glossy – concert grand piano. How he longed to get out of that dark hall and touch it. But a fox with a white scarf around its neck was watching a gryphon and a mock @turtle1 play a duet. Seon-jae waited until they left, and then, filled with piano lust, he stepped out from behind the curtain.